5 Steps to Impress in your New Job

Instead of a long and boring introduction i will cut it straight to the point. I know that’s what you all want to read anyways.
I would like you to understand that you should apply them step by step.

1- Read, Read, and Read !

Business is mainly the concept of buying and selling. But we cannot ignore the fact that we are all people, and machines haven’t yet substituted us in personal meetings and closing deals.
When we land a new job, that is a deal being closed.
Now no one ever likes a know-it-all. But we all would like to be one. Especially in the business world. So as soon as you wake up, drink your coffee while reading anything, may it be a book, articles or brochures. Extra knowledge always helps in dealing with people and with matters at hand.
We live in a world of Data. Our minds are Databases, we store raw data, and process them into information.
When we talk about business, that information can be tailored to all needs, whether it is to impress, prove wrong or right, or a conversation starter. But be careful no to overdo it, as we said, no one likes a know-it-all. We are all secretly intimidated by them.

2-Make Friends with your Co-Workers

make friends
Do not underestimate the power of relations. As soon as you get in, before boasting about your qualities and skills, make sure the people around you are not trying to hurt you right away, although that will happen whether we want it or not.
Establish mutual respect, and admiration with others. Know their interests, and use the Data that we talked about in the first step to process information that you and your new friend can both talk about. If you do that correctly, and choose the right people, you will have a force by your side that will help you in most cases, we all want to “Stick it to the man” as Jack Black said in his movie “The School of Rock”

3-Be Confident


Even if you don’t know anything about whats being discussed or done, look confident. No one ever likes a confused face in business, although they say that ” If you are not confused, you’re not paying attention”. You have earned this job, someone else could have had it, but in any way, you got it. Show them that this position was created for you, you were born ready for this task, and that you will do the impossible to get it done. Even if you don’t believe in this, but in business keep in mind that The End does justify The Means. Machiavelli knows best in this case.

4-Never let Criticism get you Down

Photography by Nigel Tomm

Photography by Nigel Tomm

If you do, it shows that you aren’t confident. No one is perfect keep that in mind. A few questions are considered as
“Stupid”, but hey, we all have Google for that. Never hesitate to ask, because you might be asked a lot of things throughout your career. You must Give in order to Get.
If your boss said that your work was not enough, don’t just give up. Go back, sit countless of hours in your suitable working space, and get it done. If you need help, get it. If its still not enough, sit countless of hours more ! And if that is not enough, well that is your cue to prove everyone that you are right, and start convincing. Persuasion is a gift, but it can be evolved, it is vital for business, and if you don’t know anything about it, well then go to step 1 again.



This may seem simple or stupid to some. But believe me it gets you places.
A smile can mean a lot of things. But most importantly it shows confidence, don’t over do it though because then it will be just sad.
If you were being criticized, but you had a smile on, believe me the boss would instantly trust that you can get it done .
If someone in your office hates you, smile, showing that you don’t think about them at all.
Clients never like to work with a sourpuss, and whether you like it or not, everyone around you is a client. Even your Co-Workers. You are selling them your image without you even knowing.
Be positive about anything, no one has ever gotten anywhere by nagging and sobbing. Hard times will come, that is inevitable, but from their ashes rises a stronger you.
By Artimus