Turning Point


Turning Point

The Turning Point.

There are a lot of turning points in life. We experience them everyday, whether happening with us or with others. It’s a point in time that defines you, tests you, sees what you are made of. You either crack down and fall in despair, or you embrace it and grow stronger.

For the past month i have been interning in an Ad agency, that is based on design only. Like i said before, this agency is in the GCC…A small agency, since i’m only 21 years old yielding 1 year of advertising experience. Throughout this month i have been tested by the agency and by myself. I came out strong…stronger than myself, and stronger than the agency.

The turning point is always boiling up. It is a never-endless pot getting boiled up by different catalysts that are consequently piling up to make this pot’s lit explode. I am in the office now, this is why i am writing.
The turning point is always boiling up. It is an incident that makes you realize or learn something that changes the course of your actions and your plans. My plans ? Get a job opportunity in the GCC, prove myself, gain power…in the end, don’t we all want power? Even happiness is a form of power. All that we strive for can be considered as power.

The turning point is always boiling up. Less experienced but more open minded and ready. My Lit is finally off…


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