Turning Point


Turning Point

The Turning Point.

There are a lot of turning points in life. We experience them everyday, whether happening with us or with others. It’s a point in time that defines you, tests you, sees what you are made of. You either crack down and fall in despair, or you embrace it and grow stronger.

For the past month i have been interning in an Ad agency, that is based on design only. Like i said before, this agency is in the GCC…A small agency, since i’m only 21 years old yielding 1 year of advertising experience. Throughout this month i have been tested by the agency and by myself. I came out strong…stronger than myself, and stronger than the agency.

The turning point is always boiling up. It is a never-endless pot getting boiled up by different catalysts that are consequently piling up to make this pot’s lit explode. I am in the office now, this is why i am writing.
The turning point is always boiling up. It is an incident that makes you realize or learn something that changes the course of your actions and your plans. My plans ? Get a job opportunity in the GCC, prove myself, gain power…in the end, don’t we all want power? Even happiness is a form of power. All that we strive for can be considered as power.

The turning point is always boiling up. Less experienced but more open minded and ready. My Lit is finally off…


A Worthy Stand Down

Before settling in the Gulf, i had just graduated from University in my home country. Filled with ambition and willingness to work. Well that ambition didn’t last long.
Lebanon…a beautiful country, my homeland. Nature that can cure your eyesight; Mountains so green and filled with life that make you want to retire and live in a campsite, Sea so pure and vast,so close, making you want to take a dip with your working clothes on for a change. 18 different religions intermingling with each other, Churches sound their bells as Mosques start their prayers. I will never forget that image. The sun settling in behind the horizon turning the sky red, as bells and prayers echo together, in sync with the sea’s wavy surface. Beautiful.
Nevertheless, beauty alone wont put a shelter above your head. Lebanon has deep social, political, and economical issues that will remain forever in my point of view. Those issues are enough for most of its youth to flee the country in search for job opportunities and better pay. Such a pity, but we have to face reality.
As i had just finished my university studies, i was approached with a job opportunity in an African Country. The pay was well, the services were amazing, and the experience would have been great, just one problem: it was either me or my best friend “Tom”. Tom was a very cool dude, but he didn’t know what he wanted in life and where he would go next. I had a basic idea of what i wanted. From the start i had a picture of me working in the Arabian Gulf region for experience and opportunities.
The interviewer picked me eventually.
As i was going to sleep, a rush of thoughts and emotions kicked in. Damn you human mind and your night revelations.
I felt that somehow if i take that job, i am betraying my friend…he was happy for me, but i wasn’t anymore. I felt that if i go, nothing will remain the same. It was a gut feeling that was striking me so hard. Was it a sign ? was in my conscience trying to tell me something. Well whatever that was i listened. Next morning i called the employer, and told them i am out.

Tom is now in Africa, happy & enjoying life and his job. I am happy. He deserves it.
I am in the Arabian Gulf.
Your Conscience talks. Listen.



Artimus is a fictional name made up of my real names exact letters. I have decided to start this blog as a mean to communicate my different day to day experiences and what they mean to me. I think that people can relate to what i feel whether they like the idea or not. I work in an advertising agency in a certain Gulf Region. The life of a creative Ad executive and what is underneath the obvious